Massage refers to the practice and technique of applying pressure on the body with the aim of relaxing and reinvigorating the body’s key muscles. While no two massages are created equal, they all help in some way or another in offering a relaxing experience. Apart from the fact that massages will physically relax you, they also have a host to benefits on the mental and spiritual level.

Most massages help in improving the blood oxygen level, promote restful sleep, relax you and even help with reducing stress levels. What many people don’t know is that massage therapies can also help in improving a person’s posture and bring relief from many types of muscle and joint pain. Additionally, well-administered, professional massage sessions can help your body’s immune system become stronger over a period. They can also help in cases of digestive disorders, anxiety, and even sports injuries.

Even if you aren’t in a physically stressful environment, daily life can become tiring, and we all need a break from routine, every once in a while. Sure, holidays and vacations are a great way to refresh yourself. But, can you imagine if you combined the healing powers of a nice vacation and a well-administered massage? How about planning your next holiday with a fabulous massage destination in mind?

If you find the idea enticing enough, read on! We’ve compiled a list of the best massage destinations in the world to help you get started.


It wouldn’t be much of a massage destination list if it didn’t begin with Thailand. This country has become the most synonymous with massage and spa therapies. In fact, many people consider a trip to Thailand incomplete without having enjoyed a gentle, relaxing Thai massage.

Traditional Thai massage was discovered almost 2500 years ago. This ancient practice combines elements of reflexology, yoga, acupressure, and even some principles of Indian Ayurveda. Usually, in the case of these massages, the masseuse will use their hands, palms, thumbs, elbows, and even knees to stretch out and compress muscles in your body. There is heavy body contact since the masseuse utilizes their body weight. They stretch your body out and often make it mimic yoga-like poses and positions during the massage.

A study conducted in 2015 found that Thai massage can significantly reduce stress levels, boost energy, improve blood and oxygen circulation, as well as promote better sleep. Some Thai massages for athletes are known to help with sports injuries.


You may already know that the beautiful European city of Budapest os widely known as the ‘Spa Capital of the World’. It gets this title mainly because of the many thermal springs present there. During medieval times, the Roman built a large number of private and public baths around Hungary. Consequently, spa and massage therapy practices have flourished here ever since.

The Racz Hotel and Thermal Spa boast of a 16th-century bath and massage experience. Irodai masszázs in Budapest is another great option for authentic, relaxing Hungarian massage. For those on a budget, The Danubius Health Spa Resort is a great option.


Turkey is historically known for its hammam (Turkish Bath) massage therapy. While many know of these famous bathhouses, not many know that this massage bath is an old ritual. Moreover, they are a variant of the ancient Roman baths famed for their healing and relaxing effects.

The traditional Turkish bath massage starts with a short period of relaxation in something known as a warm room. In this room, hot and dry air continuously flows, encouraging heavy perspiration. After this, the bather will be led to an even hotter room, aptly called a hot room. Next, the bathers wash their entire body with cold water, and receive an intense massage, before finally relaxing in the cooling room.

Some hammams in Turkey, especially Istanbul, date back to the times of the Ottoman empire. Surely, this is not an experience you can afford to miss out on.


Known as ‘Classic Massage’ across Europe, the Swedish massage technique uses consistent pressure application to open up any knots in the body. By using kneading movements and forceful finger and fist strokes, these massages include hands being run across critical areas in a chopping motion. Swedish masseuses also use their palms to vibrate any problem areas in swift motions. An authentic Swedish massage can help you by improving blood and oxygen circulation and improving your body’s flexibility.