Every culture has its own identity and one of the most common ways to express this identity is food.

Be it the spices, the recipes, the comfort food or the serving method, you’ll always find something special about the food you try in every single country.

Check out the following recommendations of popular dishes in different countries that you shouldn’t miss out on if you do visit.
· Australian Pie Floater

This dish consists of an Australian-style meat pie that sits in a bowl of thick green pea soup.
You can add tomato sauce, vinegar, salt, and pepper on top.

Austrian Wiener Schnitzel

This is one of the most popular dishes in Austria. It’s a very thin veal cutlet that’s dipped in bread crumbs then deep-fried.
You can serve it with lemon and parsley and a side of potatoes or rice.

Argentinian Asado

Asado is used to refer to Argentinian grilled meats. The grilled steak is the most delicious of them all.

Belgian Moules-Frites

Moules-Frites is French for “mussels and French fries”. This dish can be found in other places like France and the U.S., but it originated in Belgium.

Brazilian Feijoada

It’s a little hard to pick only one dish from Brazilian cuisine, but the most iconic one has to be the Feijoada.
Basically, it’s a stew of black beans and smoked beef and pork.

You can serve it with rice, farofa (toasted manioc flour), hot sauce, collard greens, and an orange slice to ease digestion.

Canadian Poutine

This dish originated in Quebec. It’s full of calories and is surely going to warm you up.
It’s French fries with brown gravy and cheese curds on top.

Chinese Xiaolongbao

The Chinese cuisine is yet another one that’s full of tasty dishes, but the xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) has to take the cake as the country’s most popular.

It originated in Shanghai. The dumplings are usually filled with a type of meat of your preference and soup broth and steamed in a bamboo basket

Croatian Paski sir cheese

Paski sir is a hard Croatian cheese made from sheep’s milk. It comes from the island of Pag and its popularity spreads across the globe.

Egyptian Molokhia

This dish is popular in northern Africa in general, but it’s especially popular in Egypt where it probably originated.

Molokhia leaves (a bitter vegetable) are stripped from the stems and then minced in a fine texture to be cooked with coriander, garlic, and stock.

You can serve it with chicken or rabbit. Sometimes even with lamb or fish.

English Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding

This dish is a popular national dish of England. It’s quite self-explanatory.
The beefy gravy and hot doughy bread mix together to give you a delicious final taste.

Dutch Soused herring

The raw herring filet that’s marinated in a preserving liquid that contains cider, wine, sugar, herb, and optional spices is a popular dish in the Netherlands.

It tastes best on a fresh toasted roll with chopped onions on top.

Indonesian Marabak Manis/Terang Bulan

Martabak Manis is a type of Indonesian pancake that is sweet and thick.

The top and bottom parts are spongy pancakes that can contain any sweet filling between them. Chocolate sprinkles, grated cheese, peanut pieces, banana pieces, you can add whatever you want.

You can get them from street vendors all over Indonesia.

Italian Pizza

This one is pretty obvious. The homeland of pizza is the city of Naples in Italy.

The Neapolitan-style pizza should be chewy, crunchy, and topped with premium-quality ingredients like buffalo mozzarella, basil, fresh tomatoes, and your choice of meats.

Japanese Katsudon

You might have thought Sushi would be the choice but Katsudon is a popular dish that you simply can’t miss out on.

It’s a crispy, deep-fried pork cutlet that has egg and condiments on top.
You can serve it over a bowl of rice.

Saudi Kabsah

This dish is the most common in Saudi Arabia. Although you can find it in many places in the Middle East, it’s especially popular in Saudi Arabia.

It consists of rice made with a variety of spices like cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, saffron, nutmeg, and bay leaves.

You can add meats and vegetables to make it a full-on meal.

South African Biltong

This is a type of cured meat from South Africa. It can be beef or various meats like ostrich meat.

It’s basically the South African version of beef jerky but a lot tastier.
Strips of meat are salted and spiced then dried out.